Our Technologies what we make use of

We makes use of the best and most suitable technologies for each project we work on. We have extensive experience with the Agile methods, Iterative Development and also make use of a modified Waterfall model. With extensive international offshore project experience, we ensure that our geo-location does not hamper the project in any way. We accomplish this by means of effective voice and/or video conferencing and flexible working hours - to offer you a boutique service alternative at beneficial rates and without any inconvenience.

Software Development

Embracing the software development life cycle and tweaking its implementation to suit our clients' requirements.

We follows a time-tested and effective process to build unique software. Beginning with intensive analysis of the user requirements, we look at your existing structure, software implementations, desired outcomes, available budget and technologies to build and deploy your vision.

Software Development Phases

Find out more about the phases of a software development project that we follow to ensure your project succeeds.

Design Phase

We work closely with our customer to outline the criteria of the overall project, and to establish a collaboration plan, project team and project plan. Using our WYSIWIG approach to user interface design, we set out to design all required user interfaces. Using the designs, we create a comprehensive functional requirements document. Once signed off by our customer, the project plan is finalized, and the creation phase begins.

Creation Phase

Once the project has been defined, we commence with the creation phase, which typically involves an agile approach to developing our customers’ solution. Through this approach, major functionality is built in functional stages, allowing individual modules or features to be presented to users in a short period of time, promoting advancement and overall confidence in the project. Thorough testing is carried out throughout the creation phase.

Deployment Phase

Before deploying the customer’s solution to their production environment, thorough user acceptance testing is carried out by testers who are carefully selected by our customer. Once all identified issues have been resolved to the satisfaction of our customer, we will deploy our customer’s solution. As a final step we hand over all source code and documentation as agreed to at the outset of the project. Agreed support then commences.